Movement for Life

The Movement for Life is the Federation of more than six hundred local movements, centers and life support services and reception homes currently existing in Italy.

It aims to promote and defend the right to life and the dignity of every man, from conception to natural death, fostering a culture of acceptance towards the weakest and most defenseless and, above all, the child conceived and not yet born.


  • “SOS Life”: it is a “life-saving” phone activated to save mothers in need and, with them, the lives of the children they carry in their lap.
  • “Project Gemma”: It is a long-distance prenatal adoption service of mothers struggling to complete the pregnancy and welcome their baby. Adopting a mom helps her baby to be born.
  • “The cradle for Life”: It is an initiative aimed at welcoming newborns, otherwise at risk of being abandoned or suppressed, in safety for the unborn and in anonymity for the woman.

Hospital Volunteers Association

The AHV, Association of Hospital Volunteers, is a nationally organized facility, born over 30 years ago and present in all hospitals in Italy.

At the regional level, it has active volunteer locations in the provinces of Belluno, Padua, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza and is present at Hospitals, Rest Homes, RSA, Hospice, Intermediate Facilities, Day Centres, Housing Communities, Contracted Care Homes and Institute Oncology Veneto (IOV).

The headquarters of Mirano, activated on the initiative of Father Mariano Steffan, is a reality present since 1994.

The AHV intends to offer those in hospital and their families a human, discreet and friendly closeness, working thanks to qualified volunteers trained through a specific path that includes:

  • participation in basic training courses, with final orientation talks;
  • a practical internship, alongside an experienced volunteer;
  • periodic refresher meetings and permanent training.

The AHV volunteer, offers his presence next to the sick to help them to deal with moments of loneliness, fear, discomfort and suffering and collaborates with the health staff, respecting the different roles, to promote the humanization of care.

Cilla onlus

The Cilla Association is a moral entity that takes care of the reception of the sick and his family.

The welcome is meant to be a sign of charity that becomes culture, a gesture of some people who, meeting the need of others, do not “assist”, but “share”.

The Cilla Association helps to solve the problems that arise when a patient is forced to move to cities far from their residence, where there are hospitals or specialized clinics.

Our intervention consists of a vast network of solidarity in much of Italy and in some foreign states, which is reflected in the establishment of reception centers within the Hospital Companies and in the management of Homes Reception where to offer a human companionship through the face of the most basic daily needs.