The Transparent Administration Section publishes the data and information provided by the Legislative Decree 14 March 2013, n. 33 “Reordering the discipline regarding the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations.”


Civic Access

The Head of Transparency of the Hospital is: Rag. Sabrina De Pieri

Civic access (simple or generalised) allows anyone to access P.A. data, documents and information without the need to demonstrate a legitimate interest (Art.5, D.Lgs. 33/2013).

  • Simple civic access allows anyone to request documents, data or information that the P.A. is obliged to publish (Art.5, C.1): download the simple Civic Access form.
  • Generalised civic access (or FOIA access) allows anyone to request documents, data or additional information than those that P.A. is obliged to publish (Art.5, C.2): download download here the Civic Access Form generalized.

The e-mail address to submit the civic access request to is as follows:


Responsible for the Prevention of Corruption and Transparency:

The Special Prosecutor of the Hospital Teresa Vitale Di Maio, in religion Sister Josephine, has appointed Head of The Prevention of Corruption and Transparency, under art. 1, paragraph 7, of Law 190/2012, Rag. Sabrina De Pieri: 22/2016 resolution.

Three-year corruption prevention plan:

Report by the head of corruption prevention:


According to L.R. 23/2012, Article 15 “Transparency”, we publish the property’s budgets below.


General acts

Documentation published in accordance with articles 10, 12 and 34 of the d.lgs. N. 33/2013 “Reordering the discipline regarding publicity, transparency and information disseminates by public administrations”:

  • Program FOR THE TRASENCE AND INTEGRITY: The Hospital’s Three-Year Programme for Transparency and Integrity 2018/2020 is contained in paragraph 11 p. 31/32 of the Hospital’s 2018-2020 Three-Year Corruption and Transparency Prevention Plan: go to the Hospital’s Three-Year Corruption Prevention Plan. (LINK TO THE TOP SECTION).
  • CODE DISCIPLINARE AND CODE OF BEHAVIOR: with Deliberation of Director-General No. 27-2017d D.G. of 28.12.2017 the Hospital Code of Conduct has been approved. Go to CODE OF CONDUCT.


Under the European Data Protection Regulations 2016/679, Responsible for Data Protection (DPO) is Dr. Giordana Martinelli:

To read and download the privacy policy click here.

You have the right to ask the Owner to access your personal data and to rectify it if inaccurate, to delete or limit its treatment if the conditions are used, as well as to obtain the portability of the data provided only if it is processed based on consent or contract.

You also have the right to withdraw the consent given for the purposes of treatment that require it, while remaining the legality of the treatment carried out until the time of withdrawal. To exercise your rights, you can use the form available at this link and forward it to the following delivery:

You also have the right to complain to therelevant data regulator, the Data Protection Authority(


Under Law 124/2017, Article 1, co. 125 “Compliances relating to Transparency and Advertising Obligations”, we publish the information table of grants and contributions received by P.A. and companies and entities from this controlled.

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