The services offered by the Cardiology Service are aimed at diagnosis, evaluation of prognosis, optimization of therapy and follow-up of patients with congenital or acquired heart disease.

Both external users and hospitalized patients access the clinics.

In the Cardiology Service, all operators are considered as an active resource of the organization, and the objectives of the Body are systematically shared with them.

For this purpose, meetings are regularly organized to examine any critical issues and their possible overcoming in order to enhance the professionalism of the service and guarantee a quality standard in the provision of services.

Refresher courses are also organized for doctors and nurses operating in the cardiovascular field with the aim of providing everyone with the most current indications provided by national and international guidelines in the cardiovascular field.

All this in order to offer the citizen a service that is ever closer to the user’s health needs in an attempt to make him increasingly satisfied, as well as the professional and technical content, also the perception of attention towards him by all operators.


Via CUP (single booking center):

TEL. 041 / 2906525

When to call:

From Monday to Friday:

  • from 8 am;
  • to 6.30 pm;


  • from 7.30 am;
  • to 00 pm.


From Monday to Friday:

  • from 7.00 am;
  • to 6.30 pm;


  • from 7.30 am;
  • to 00 pm.


doctors carry out freelance activities by appointment via the counter or through the number dedicated to the freelance profession: 041/2906025.

From Monday to Friday:

  • from ore 2.00 pm;
  • to 6.00 pm.


041 2906421


041 2906710


Structure Services Card

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Department activities:

  • Electrocardiogram;
  • Cardiological examination;
  • Exercise test on the cycle ergometer;
  • Color Doppler echocardiogram;
  • 24-hour Holter Dynamic Electrocardiogram;
  • Blood pressure monitoring 24 hours.


Dr. Barioli Paolo

Dr. Barioli Paolo


Doctors and collaborators:

  • Dr. BARIOLI Paolo;
  • Dr. SETTIMO FATTORE Roberto;
  • Dr. RAMUSCELLO Giuseppe;
  • Dr. AVESANI Martina;

Doctors carry out SSN, private and free profession activities.