Welcome to the information page of the Specialist Outpatient activities.

They are independent of departmental activities, the Services of:

  • anesthesia and intensive care unit;
  • digestive endoscopy;
  • radiology;
  • Laboratory Analysis and Microbiology.

They operate within the facility to support the hospital units and with external user performance.

Help us give you a better service:

Before introducing yourself to the counter, pay attention to these rules:

  • check that the exemption code (by pathology or age/income) is on the target, if you are entitled to it;
  • Always check that your correct personal data (name, address, tax code) is entered in the medical prescription;
  • the specialist visit is carried out by the doctor on call, not by choice;
  • for the first specialist visit or for the first examination your doctor must always write the reason and the deadlines in which they must be booked by entering the priority classes: Short, Deferred, Programmable;
  • If you need to perform a check book in time: go to your doctor for the medical prescription and remind him to write a visit or check-up.


The services offered by the Cardiology Service are aimed at diagnosis, evaluation of prognosis, optimization of therapy and follow-up of patients with congenital or acquired heart disease.
Both external users and hospitalized patients access the clinics.


The service activity includes visits and diagnostic endoscopy services, every morning from Monday to Friday.



Enrolled in the Regional Register of Sports Medicine Clinics Nr. iscr. B/417


The outpatient activities carried out by the hospital, which can be accessed both in agreement with the NHS and for a fee.