The departmental surgical activity allows the patient, already visited and therefore carefully known in his problem, to be hospitalized in the morning and resignation in the afternoon.

It is possible that for reasons of housing distance of absence of family members or lack of perfect knowledge of recovery, prolonged observation is useful even at night. The organization allows all preoperative inspections, hospitalization and intervention itself, and postoperative checks to always be carried out on the same premises and with the same medical-nurse staff.

A special room of the hospital’s operating block is reserved for the ward, where, with the support of a team of specialists, interventions are carried out concerning:

General and Vascular Surgery

  • therapy of groin hernias, crurali, umbilical, small laparochials;
  • fistules and fistules, hemorrhoids, cysts and pylonidal fistulas:
  • breast nodes also with stereotactic ecomammgraphic centering;
  • voluminous neoformations and skin and subcutaneous lipomes, facial neoformations, placement of catheters and permanent devices for intravenous and intrarachid infusion of drugs;
  • tendon cysts of the limbs, bursitis;
  • internal and external safenectomy, varicectomy;
  • varicose and varicose sclerotherapy.

Gynecological surgery

  • hystroscopy and diagnostic-therapeutic revisions of uterine cavities;
  • Bartolino cysts; vulvovaginal neoformations;
  • uterine neck conization

Eye Surgery

  • front segment surgery: cataracts, corneal transplantation, glaucoma;
  • back segment surgery: vitreo-retina, macula;
  • eyelid ophthalmoplasty surgery;
  • tear-pathway surgery.

One Day Surgery hospitalization activities are performed by specialists from the U.O. Gynecology, U.O. General Surgery and Angiology.


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Dr Ciancimino Antonio

Dr Ciancimino Antonio



  • dr. BARBIERI Fabrizio;
  • dr. BERETTA Mario;
  • Dr. BOSCOLO Enrico;
  • Dr. BIANCHI Pier Giovanni;
  • Dr CARRER Floriana;
  • Dr. CASADEI Alessandro;
  • Dr CIANCIMINO Antonio;
  • Dr. CICOGNA Pier Andrea;
  • Dr. DEANESI Valter ;
  • Dr FANZAGO Andrea;
  • Dr. FRAIOLI Roberto(Head of the Menopause Center);
  • Dr MASCARIN Carlo;
  • Dr NENZ DETTO NENZI Federica;
  • Dr PANCIERA Paul;
  • Dr.PIOVAN Gianluca;
  • Dr. RIGOTTI Stefano;
  • dr. SPADA Alessandro;
  • Dr. TESSARI Paolo;
  • Dr. TITTA Pierluigi;
  • Dr UVA Simonetta;
  • Dr.VENDEMIATI Gian Ernesto;
  • Dr. ZORZI Claudio.