The hospitalization activity of the Division of General Surgery is addressed to the whole sphere that competes with particular address to the following surgical branches:

  • thyroid and parathyroids with the treatment of both benign and malignant pathology;
  • benign and malignant pathologies of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum pancreas districts;
  • interventions of the liver and bile tract with special experience in the treatment of liver injuries in cirrhotic or high-risk patients;
  • colorectal, proctology, abdominal wall pathologies, melanomas;
  • laparoscopic surgery on the liver and biliary tract, hernias, colon and rectum;
  • orthopedic and hand surgery;
  • antalgic therapy;
  • vascular surgery

There are also outpatient interventions under local anaesthesia.

The Operating Group, shared with the other surgical specialties, is one of the most recent and technologically advanced achievements of the Hospital. It consists of five operating rooms, divided into two autonomous blocks, and a sub-intensive therapy facility.


041 2906605


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Sections and activities


Surgical activity is directed to therapy in patients with:

  • varicose of the lower limbs (in day surgery or outpatient regime);
  • ulcers of the lower limbs with skin grafts.

The department’s activities include the medical treatment of patients with:

  • deep and superficial vein thrombosis of upper and lower limb;
  • linfangitis, hypodermite;
  • dystrophic ulcers in the lower limbs;
  • arteriopathy in the lower limbs;
  • functional vasculopathy (Raynaud’s disease).

The outpatient activity refers to the department with the services of:

  • arterial and venous angiological examinations;
  • eco-color Doppler and arterial of the lower limbs;
  • capillaroscopy;
  • varicose ecosclerosis.


  • Dr. BIANCHI Pier Giovanni
  • Dr. BOSCOLO Enrico
  • Dr PALOMBI Luca


Phone numbers:

  • Department: 041/2906619 -041/2906717

E-mail addresses:

Post-Bariatric Surgery Activity

It is an effective treatment of morbid obesity, when diet and physical activity do not give the desired results, and it is able to obtain significant weight losses of the order of 40 – 60 kg. and simultaneously monitor and reduce the incidence of associated diseases.

In the field of bariatric surgery there are several surgical interventions all aimed at reducing the absorption of food.

Although they are well-coded procedures, they are not, however, free from possible complications and side effects and must therefore be carefully examined and discussed with the treating physician.

Responsible: Dr. Antonino Ciancimino


Referent: Dr. Marco Lorenzini


Phone numbers:

  • Secretariat: 041 2906605
  • Department: 041 2906619
  • Fax: 041 2906661

E-mail addresses:

Proctological Surgery Activities

Proctological Surgery activities are carried out within the Operational Unit of General Surgery. The pathologies of the anus and rectum are surgically treated.

The interventions are carried out both in the hospitalization and outpatient.


Phone numbers

  • Department: 041 2906619
  • Clinics’ Sister: 041 2906036

E-mail addresses:

Breast activity

Within the Operational Unit of General Surgery are carried out activities of Senology.

Benign and malignant breast diseases are treated, from small tumor to radical mastectomy, with various types of reconstruction and remodeling.

The interventions are carried out both in hospital and outpatient.


Phone numbers

  • Department: 041 2906619
  • Clinics’ Sister: 041 2906036

E-mail addresses


Dr Ciancimino Antonio

Dr Ciancimino Antonio



  • Dr. BOSCOLO Enrico (Angiology);
  • Dr. BIANCHI Pier Giovanni (Angiology);
  • Dr. CASADEI Alessandro (General Surgery);
  • Dr CIANCIMINO Antonio (General Surgery);
  • Dr. CICOGNA Pier Andrea (General Surgery);
  • Dr. COSTANZO Alessandro (Orthopedics);
  • Dr. DEANESI Valter (Orthopedics);
  • Dr. FANZAGO Andrea (General Surgery);
  • Dr. LORENZINI Marco (Post-bariatric surgery);
  • Dr. LECLERCQ Caroline (Hand surgery);
  • Dr. MASCARIN Carlo (General Surgery);
  • Dr. PALOMBI Luca (Angiology);
  • Dr. PANCIERA Paolo (Hand surgery);
  • Dr. PIOVAN Gianluca (Orthopedics);
  • Dr. POVEGLIANO Lorenzo (Orthopedics);
  • Dr. RIGOTTI Stefano (Orthopedics);
  • Dr. SCAFFIDI Guido (General Surgery);
  • Dr. TITTA Pierluigi (General Surgery);
  • Dr. UVA Simonetta (General Surgery);
  • Dr. VENDEMIATI Gian Ernesto (Orthopedics);
  • Dr. ZORZI Claudio (Orthopedics).

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